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This is a small, weird roguelike I put together for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge of 2019. You play as a digital sprite trying to escape creeping corruption, using a variety of processes to maneuver through crowded hexagonal spaces.

Key control things to know:

  • QEWASD to move hexagonally
  • Enter to end your turn
  • Arrows to pan the camera
  • When selecting a tile, orange means out-of-range, cyan means in-range
  • The central activity of the game is queuing up Process calls, and works like this:
    • Select a Process from your sprite's Memory grid on the left, with the left mouse button
    • Select a target (varyingly a tile, other sprite, or other sprite's process) on the right, using the left mouse button
    • If a Process is being targeted correctly, a yellow-text command will be queued at the bottom. Left-click it to turn the text white and lock it in. You can queue multiple commands at once.
    • Press the "Run Queue" button to execute all the Processes you've queued up
  • There aren't many descriptions for what the Processes do, but I've tried to use verbs consistently, so Frag always refers to the Frag process. The most important ones to know are:
    • Execute governs your range, and if the Execute process is fragged, a sprite dies.
    • Move allows you to move as many hexes as are in the Move's power rating
    • Frag damages Processes it hits, making them unusable until they are Defragged (another process)
    • Decrypt reveals what Processes other sprites have installed; Encrypt allows a sprite to re-cloak its Processes.
    • Hijack allows you to reroute CPU (action points, roughly) to yourself from other sprites. When you reach the end of a level, Hijacked CPU is permanently added to your baseline CPU in the next level.

Other notes:

  • Look at the Guide! It's ugly, but should explain the basics
  • Play the Tutorial! It should help practice, and help make some of the ideas feel a bit more concrete
    • It also gives you way more skills than you need to complete it, so you can experiment...!
  • Restart if you fail! Map generation and skill availability are both randomized from playthrough to playthrough.

I've done my best to spend my last day playing the game and fixing glaring issues, crashes, or dead-end situations, but I'm sure there's still something wrong with this.


Memorex (7DRL Final).zip 11 MB

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