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Just a simple little generator that creates worlds on a hexagonal grid. A few configurations are available to users, and they should all work except world size, which I had to disable due to some last-minute bugs I can't solve right now. Key tips:

  • Click "Generate"! This is where the procgen happens.
    • You can also press "Export" and it will export a huge amount of data to a few JSON files that probably nobody is interested in, basically characterizing the entire world chunk by chunk.
  • Map generation can be slow! It takes about 10-12 seconds on my machine. I can't promise a specific speed for yours.
  • Explore the map views! This is the drop-down to the lower-right of the square where the map appears.
  • Read the tooltips! They appear in the lower-left as you mouse over things. The tooltip for the map changes based on the map view, and explains a bit of what you're seeing in each different view.
  • Click the map! Left-clicking selects a piece of the world and provides you with information about the local conditions.
    • The pathfinding debug map view also lets you run A* pathfinding through the world between two points by right-clicking after selecting a starting point.
  • Hit ESC to escape!
  • Check out the map files! The last maps you generated are saved under HexWorld Editor_Data\Debugging\MapGen


If you encounter any bugs and have a few moments to spare, you can send me the Bugtrack.txt and output_log.txt files. Using the Pastebin website to paste the contents and dropping the link in a comment here or on Twitter should be enough.

Please be sure that the executable remains next to the "HexWorld Editor_Data" folder, and that you don't delete any of the contents of that folder or its subfolders. You can tweak some of the file contents there if you're feeling brave and want to experiment, but I can't guarantee results!

Install instructions

It should be enough to unzip the archive and launch the program directly.

ESC to close the program.


HexWorld Editor.zip 13 MB

Development log

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